Monday, June 20, 2011

Better late than never.

Having my own blog was one of the long standing entry on my wish list which was hardly prioritized, and the reason for this are hundreds. May be the feeling of lack of experience, insight into different technical aspects, time, and not the least laziness..
But I feel it should get started at some point, you can't always wait for that perfect time to come to you. Being a regular follower of many technical blogs it also inspires me to share with others my ideas,views, and also a bit of knowledge gained over last few years of my professional carrier :-)

I strongly believe in the fact that sharing ones intellectual wisdom is very important aspect of human life, in fact today the human race has witnessed lightning revolution in the field of information and technology because each one here wanted to learn, share and be innovative.
All you IT folks, Stop for a movement and think, can you work for the next 24 Hrs without using "GOOGLE" and deliver quality work, it's really hard right or I can say not possible. This is because we are very much dependent on the knowledge of someone who has a very strong hold on the domain and ready to share his expertise with you. During the last three years of my career I can't remember a day on which I haven't used Web/Google, which clearly indicates that some one at some corner of the world is in need of your knowledge, so go ahead and share it.

And, finally let me share with you some info about me,
Pervasive computing, Human computer interaction, Multimedia are the areas of my interest.
I love application development and system programming and had mainly used programming languages C,C++,Win32 APIs, C#. And since I'm currently working in telecom domain I use symbian C++ and Qt C++.
As hobby projects I develop apps for desktop and for mobiles,  spare free time with friends, watch movies, cricket, music etc..

Your comments, suggestions are always greeted on the articles which I'll be posting on this blog.

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