Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wherever you are, live happily.

Dear friends, I'm not writing this to share my condolences, or to say we miss you Vamshi because nothing on this earth can compensate for this loss. Person like Vamshi is hard to find and god showed that  it is even harder to have their presence here for long time , Vamshi is one in a million.

We all thought he was a  friend, brother, teacher, colleague.. but no I don't think so, he was just here to play his role and now it is that he has already said good bye, may be somewhere, something else is waiting for his arrival, who are we to stop ?

But being here he showed us the value of  love, friendship, caring, brotherly-hood and what not, he has set an example of how one should live a life filled with values. Because when you die you deserve nothing but just those few drops of tears from your loved ones, and you Vamshi , you deserved an ocean of it my dear.

In his 26 years Vamshi has not been heated by anyone, has not even wished bad for others, stood strong against all the odds, achieved greatest heights and won all of our hearts.

Here is a video of Vamshi spending some happy movements with his  friends Arun,Vinay, Madhava, Raghunandan,Ujwala and others..

And few sweet memories.

Friends I don't believe in superstitions, but the day when Vamshi and his friend Pradeep got carried away by water stream and as the rescue operations started hoping to find them alive, the same evening and at the same place there " Appeared two rainbows one beside the other " . They said " Don't look for us , good bye ".

Pradeep I feel really sad for you brother, May god give all of the strengths to your parents to bear your absence. We miss you.

Vamshi might have disappeared from us physically, but he lives in our hearts forever. We are sure that he will come back soon in some form and lives among us... But still.... we miss you a lot dear, may the great soul rest in peace.


  1. Viju,
    Very well said and so true, he will always live within us forever.

  2. I never imagined even in my worst nightmare that , I have to write in such a blogpost about Vamshi.....it is again proved that we are just like toys in the hand of God ....nothing assured..nothing impossible.....just a few second is enough to change everything accumulated in years....

    tenure of my friendship with Vamshi is just more than a year....more than friend ,he was like a little , cute brother to me , ...a person full of life..full of words..and full of knowledge and passion....

    Since I left T.JOhn College and left Bangalore as well , I just missed something a looooooot...and thats just due to the persons like Vamshi and few more ....just few weeks back I caught Vamshi again in Facebook Chat..he was in Belgium that time....I felt so happy to get in touch with him again...but...

    really , don't know why God becomes so much cruel sometimes..........Vamshi will remain alive forever deep inside my heart as one of the most remarkable and adorable perosons of my life.

  3. God Bless his Soul, RIP Vamshi.

  4. Sorry to hear about this. May his soul rest in peace.

  5. Though I never got a chance to meet him in person or rather I never knew him, what you have written in here describes everything about him and the intensity your pain of missing him... May all his friends and family members be bestowed the strength to bear his loss... May his soul rest in peace.