Friday, March 2, 2012

Nokia Pulse, Your Freedom of Expression

Privacy, Privacy, and Privacy .. Yes you heard it right, the most concerned, researched, and discussed topic of internet community of all the time is Privacy.  As internet has grown into integral parts of our lives the loquacious couldn't stop themselves from being very expressive on internet. And finally there arose the problem of  " Individual Privacy ".

Now a days with more and more incidents of breach of individuals' privacy, people are very watchful in what they share on internet. But with the unparalleled excellence of Facebook in social networking and Google+ in bringing the like minded people together individual privacy has again taken a backseat as people are becoming liberal in what they share. But if you observe keenly the breach of individuals' privacy really isn't due to sharing things with others but due to " What you share " and " With whom ".

So, what is the solution ?
Social networking giants like Facebook, and Google+ provide features to create closed groups, but people hardly use it due to usability issues, very confusing settings, and credibility measures. Even when a person with technical background finds it difficult to play around with these setting one can't expect a layman to use those.
This was the time when Nokia pitched into development of a unique social networking product " Nokia Pulse "

What is Nokia Pulse ?
Nokia Pulse is a unique product which gives life to your day to day conversations, It is as intuitive as you verbally interact with your loved ones. 
Wishing your friends good morning, asking about their whereabouts, letting them know where you are, calling them for a coffee at your favorite hangout place, letting them know how to reach the venue, etc.. all these are just a few taps on Nokia Pulse.

Let me explain how...

Create your closed user groups
Segregate your friends, colleagues, relatives, and the people you care most, across different user groups. This is basically the first step of achieving individuals' privacy by deciding who gets to know what. You don't intend to share everything with everyone.

Tell your friends about how you freaked out at weekend party, Discuss technical things with your office colleagues,  share your trip photos and experience with your family and relatives. And what not, the possibilities are boundless, but at any point of time you have the supreme control of who views what.

Propose your plans and let your friends comment

Are you fanatical about going on trips, let your friends know about it, propose your plans with the destination info, some photos and share it with your intended group. Your friends from that group would revert back with their opinions about the plan, discuss on it, prepare a concrete plan and you are ready to drive, and of course Nokia maps will guide you to destination.
Invite your friends for events, help them with navigation details .
Would you plan to hangout at a cafe with your friends, or call them for a cricket match. Say it with Nokia pulse, type in your message, add a picture which speaks your mind, add the destination info with Nokia maps and just share it.

Nokia pulse makes all these possible with the tap of a finger, in epitome pulse assures an Intuitive, highly secured, private, credible, social networking solution that we envision of.

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