Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alan Turing - Google Doodle Solved

Google, breaking the pragmatism of creating artistic doodles, has showed up a geeky doodle which is a gate way to Google search results for the greatest mathematician, natural code breaker Alan Mathison Turing who with his inventions laid the strong foundation for modern computing world. The " Alan Turning Doodle " which is showed  up on Google's home page today is a tribute this ingenious.

I didn't care much to solve this doodle for the first couple of Google searches that I made today, but each time I opened Google's home page, it was be-knocking at me by tacitly asking to be solved. I began and It took little time to understand the problem to be solved and here it is.

Problem to be solved
  • User is expected to, match the pattern displayed at the right top corner of the doodle.
  • To match patterns it is required to shift bits, either 0 or 1 which can be set explicitly.
  • Each time the bits are set , doodle starts matching the modified pattern with the target pattern.
  • And if the match is successful, each letter of the word "GOOGLE" is decoded, i.e each character's color changes from gray scale to colored.
  • Once all the characters of the world "Google" is decoded, Google redirects you to page displaying search results for Alan Turning

This is more of a permutation problem combined with need to set or unset the bits appropriately.
each time a character is decoded, the level and hence the complexity of the problem increases.

Decoding Patters for each character

G = 01011
O = 00011
O = 00011
G = 01011
L = 01001
E = 10000 

And Here is how I did it.
Though I could capture most, but few screenshots are missed.

Decoding G

Decoding O
Decoding O

Decoding G
Decoding L
Decoding E

It took a little time for me to solve, but it was worth of it.

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